Escorts, Bodyguard, Private Security.

Nazcam LTD


Prevent by forming security duties and intelligence work, the realiasatión criminal acts against protected persons  or clients.
What is an Escort?

He is a professional who should know thoroughly the life of his protege and discard or activities or threats that may affect, through the creation of strategies and safety plans. This is why we, nazcam security and our team provides the best security for our clients and the main feature of an escort or bodyguard is planning capacity.

  • Responsibility: our security agent/team knows that our clients  life is in our hands, so it is very important that the agent/team are  highly motivated,  obligated to do their job .miniatura_controlador-acces
  • Loyalty : This is one of the most important values ​​that Nazcam security provides,having and been able to protect confidencial and secrets of our clients because through fidelity ensures complete safety of a clients .
  • Patience: security agents and team generally cover long shifts ranging from 12 hrs. up to 24 hrs. continuous . During this time the agent must have the ability to stay alert.
  • Fitness : It is important that the bodyguards have constant physical preparation that enables them to efficiently respond to any danger. They must know both techniques in other to avoid possible kidnapping and to  use of firearms.
  • Perception: Nazcam security agents and team we intends to  capture every details about our clients, so it is important to keep good vision and ears focused and stay at alert
  • Teamwork: in most cases,Nazcam security bodyguards or security spying officers work in teams, in which each agent plays a different roles activity that compliments the work of others. It is important that team members are  constantly in  communication are established.
  • Diplomacy: when it comes to any aggression or problems occur between the protected and another individual , the security agent must interveneminiatura_seguretat calmly to try to resolve the problem without the use of force. It is essential that the bodyguard has a way with words .
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